RV Maintenance

ROUTINE MAINTENANCE - Need your rig serviced and not around to do it or just not in the mood? We will personalize a 3, 6, or 12-month maintenance program tailored to your RV.

PREVENTION SERVICE - As you know, prevention is KEY to many RV issues, especially if they have been sitting a while!  We are happy to set up a routine schedule and plan for your rig in The Keys that will take care of this for you!

CHECK-UP SPECIAL! Choose 4 RV items you wish for us to CHECK (Diagnosis) in an hour, for a special rate of $180! 


Routine Maintenance by Easy Breezy Mobile RV Repair keeps you on the road.
Couple Filling our Service Request Questionnaire

RV Maintenance Checks

  • Drain/Clean Fresh Water Tank

  • Sanitize Plumbing System

  • Drain/Clean Hot Water Heater

  • Water Pump Filter Screen-Wash Out

  • Check for Roof Cracks/Spots/Cobwebs/Nests/Cracked Tires & Spare/Seals

  • Powerwash RV

  • Generator Service

  • Inverter Service

  • A/C Service

  • Filters Serviced

  • Slide & Rail Service

  • Propane Tank Health

  • Treat Tires

  • Awnings Cleaned

  • Roof Inspection

  • And More...

Map of Easy Breezy Mobile RV Service Area